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Our programs

Our programs for women, men and children are planned to fit nutritional needs of each individual.

Smart Weight

Getting a slim fit shape is a dream for every one, with eat SMART this dream will become true by eating healthy and tasty meals, which will guarantee you to get the ideal weight, with eat SMART this dream will become true by eating healthy, wonderful and tasty meals guarantee you to get the ideal weigh.

Smart Moms

Getting back into your wedding dress size after pregnancy is not an impossible task, eat SMART meals are rich in minerals and vitamins that help you return to your fit shape and provide you with the energy you need to take care of your child.

Little Heroes

No need to worry about your children's health, eat SMART prepares delicious and irresistible meals to provide kids with the nutrients needed for thier physical and mental development.

Office Warriors

Our hectic and stressful lifestyle doesn’t always give us the time and opportunity to choose healthy food options, at eat SMART, we prepare tasty and healthy meals that provide the needed requirements for a health nutrient-balanced lifestyle.

Power Me Smartly

If you're serious about changing your body, you're probably already eating pretty well, getting plenty of protein for muscle growth and laying off the sugary carbohydrates. Just the same, we bet you could do even better. If your eating habits aren't quite up to speed, we're here to help you get started. eat SMART will assist you by providing meals that will help in muscle growth, and keep your body in peak condition.

Health Conditions Programs

We are experts in preparing healthy meals that suit people suffering from several illnesses including diabetes, blood pressure, food allergy etc, at eat SMART our meals take into account each person health condition. At eat SMART we have special programs and meals during the holy month of Ramadan gives you the needed energy for fasting and avoiding you wrong eating habits

Magic Juices

Ladies, your skin reflects your beauty and because your skin is the mirror of what you eat and drink, eat SMART creates a variety of delicious juices that contain many ingredients, including flaxseed, Vitamin A and Vitamin C-rich foods that are important for healthy hair and glowing youthful skin. These juices help in cleansing and detoxifying the body, which in turn, help in the process of weight loss.

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